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Sustainable Gardens Group

For our group, sustainability means adapting our gardens to a changing climate and supporting our precious wildlife while reducing our output of carbon dioxide.

Water availability, the impact of increasing heat and extreme weather and designing and maintaining a garden that supports biodiversity are concerns for most gardeners. Many of the plants that once thrived in Bathurst are now struggling and as the climate changes we need to make our gardens more resilient and find new species that do well here.

Our garden group members have adapted their gardens to become more sustainable in a variety of ways:
Growing more native plants to provide food and shelter for our native birds
Planting more trees to reduce temperature and retain soil moisture
Growing our own food to reduce the road miles travelled
Avoiding or minimising the use of toxic chemicals in our gardens
Creating a multi-layered garden, with trees for the larger birds, shrubs to protect the small birds and ground cover for the lizards, insects and spiders
Providing hiding places for lizards, insects and spiders, using rocks or branches
Keeping the parts of old trees that have hollows for nesting birds, or providing nesting boxes
Installing a frog-pond
Installing water tanks and greywater systems to keep the garden alive during water restrictions, rain capture and storage in our own backyards
Understanding how garden design can affect moisture and fertility levels
Mulching to retain soil moisture and encourage fungi

At our monthly garden gatherings and additional working bees, we help each other out, share our knowledge and learn valuable skills.

We welcome anyone who is interested gardening more sustainably. If you’d like join us or find out more, contact Margaret by sms on 0404 462 791 or email


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