The dominant vegetation type of the Bathurst area is formally known as White Box/Yellow Box/Blakely’s Red Gum Woodland. This assemblage of trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs and forbs has recently been listed as an Endangered Ecological Community which means that we need to take great care of the few remaining patches that still exist. 

The best publicly accessible example of the Woodland community in the Bathurst area is found in portions of the Boundary Rd Reserve, just 3 kms west of the CBD. The Reserve has a 4 km walking track and is well worth a visit. Across the Orange Road from the Bathurst Golf Club the Brooke Moore Remnant is a small but important ‘in town’ remnant woodland. 

Remnant vegetation: “any locally native vegetation present in the landscape following the removal or severe degradation of surrounding native vegetation” 

In the Bathurst region, several important woodland conservation reserves can be identified and are relatively easily accessed, including: 

Evans Crown Nature Reserve – 2 kms south east of Tarana this reserve consists of 425 hectares of open eucalypt woodland country overlooking the village of Tarana and the Fish River. 

Peel Native Flora and Fauna Reserve – 12 kms north of Bathurst consists of 142 hectares of Red Stringy bark – Red Box community, once the Peel village common. 

Wambool Nature Reserve – 20 kms east of Bathurst comprising 194 hectares of dry open eucalypt forest 

Winburndale Nature Reserve – 30 kilometers north east of Bathurst comprising 10,050 hectares of mixed eucalypt woodland and open forest on shales and quartzites with significant montane forest communities. 

Fremantle Nature Reserve - 35 kilometers north west of Bathurst consists of 361 hectares of dry open eucalypt woodland mainly red stringy bark and box vegetation. 

Macquarie Turon Heritage Lands – the Bridle Track from Bathurst to Hill End. This track, which follows the course of the Macquarie and Turon rivers to Hill End, contains some important and increasingly rare riparian reserves along the rivers including significant stands of Casuarina cunninghamiane. As well as these reserves there are also significant areas of Native State Forests to be found on the more rugged ridge country especially to the east and south of Bathurst. 

Some of the larger and more important of these Forests include Sunny Corner State Forest, Turon State Forest, Hampton State Forest, Mount David State Forest, Vittoria State Forest and Macquarie Woods.