Inspiration for Cox’s Road Dreaming

The name of our project draws on the Aboriginal Dreaming tradition. Our project not only tells the story of the building of Cox’s Road aided by two Darug men as part of Cox’s construction party, but also what were the outcomes for Europeans and Aboriginal people. The Country crossed by Cox’s Road included the lands of the Darug, Gundugurra and Wiradyuri peoples. This our contemporary Dreaming story.

Summary of Cox’s Road Dreaming

Our major project is the production of a multi-media tourism package with a booklet of 80+ pages and a series of 8 maps outstanding maps. This includes the location of 116 sites that are described and can be visited, between the Nepean River and the Bathurst Flag Staff Commemorative Site. Our project partner is the office of Land and Property Information in Bathurst.

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Biodiversity Dreaming Proceedings

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