Our Farming Future - Conference Presentations

The following videos were filmed live at the conference, are unedited and have mixed sound quality, however we hope that you find the content as interesting as we all did at the time. Please contact info@greeningbathurst.org.au if you would like to learn more, get involved, or propose new topics for discussion. We are currently organizing a series of talks around water, biodiversity, urban tree cover and energy so stay tuned for more information!

Welcome to Country & Dr Charles Massy- Sustainable grazing in the
semi-arid zone

David Lowe - Slow Farming in a Hurry

Dayle Bland - Long-term organic horticulture before it became fashionable

Graham and Kathy Finlayson- Sustainable grazing in the semi-arid zone

Peter Ampt -Key principles of an agri-ecological approach
to farming

Colin Seis - Why Change? 

Martin Royds - Addressing climate change as a holistic farmer

Bronwyn Richards - The Sustainable Suburban Micro Farm

Graham Finlayson - Scaling up sustainable grazing as a
commercial investment

Professor Jacqui Schirmer and
Kimberly Brown- Farmer wellbeing and regenerative agriculture  

Peter Andrews

Panel Discussion